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EL Ecentric & Shaping Solutions have linked up to bring awareness to: O.M.G. - Ocular Myasthenia Gravis. O.M.G is a form of Myasthenia Gravis And together we will provide bring you Ecentric & Bold Life Styles and Accessories through our... New Initiative: *** Every Day "Peace" ***

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Who is MariahEL-Amin?

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Mariah EL-Amin is the CEO and Head Accessorizing Stylist for EL Ecentric, LLC. Her ultimate vision for the brand of EL Ecentric is to help women feel better about themselves by showing that those physical insecurities are exactly what makes them beautiful and unique.

 Boutique Consultant| Event Stylist |  Accessorizer

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We’re able to guide clients on a foundational journey developing a solid business. Growing from passion and ideation to operating and presenting a successful boutique. Although highly professional, we’re more approachable and hands-on with our clients. We take an in-depth discovery to create the brand and business you envision.

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